SteriWatch - the Smart Sterilization Technology

SteriWatch is an innovative monitoring technology comprising smart devices and data modules. The smart device has integrated sensors, real-time track and trace technology, and data exchange capabilities.

It is uniquely tied to a specific surgical instrument set and tracks it during all reprocessing cycles, throughout its full lifetime. 

The data modules process the data gathered from the devices for quality release, efficient operating room service management, better planning & scheduling, inventory optimization, capacity management, etc.

End-to-End Management of Your Sterilization Processes

SteriWatch Impact


Patient Safety

In the US and Europe, 3 million patients are affected by surgical site infections every year. SteriWatch significantly reduces instrument-related surgical site infections.

Cost Efficiency

Steriwatch digitalizes the workflow in operating rooms and reduces instrument inventory costs for hospitals.


115 million kg of plastic waste is generated every year in the US for instrument reprocessing. SteriWatch eliminates plastic consumables during sterilization and significantly reduces carbon footprint.

Ansana’s Growth Journey

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Intellectual Property
Ansana’s technology is patented in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and Europe
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Prototype Development
Functional prototypes are developed and tested, and Ansana is currently open for early-stage collaborations with hospitals
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Market Launch
SteriWatch target launch in the USA is in 2025 and in Europe in 2026