Sterility of reusable and single-use surgical instruments, and of pharmaceutical products, can be improved significantly. Ansana will achieve this together with scientists, experts, caregivers, and customers. Patients around the world have the right to trouble-free care and to the avoidance of healthcare-associated infections

Company Focus

Every year 310 million surgeries are performed globally, requiring >1 billion sterile surgical instrument sets. Guaranteeing service levels to the Operating Room becomes increasingly challenging.

  • Patient safety: Across the globe, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) range from 5% to 12%, affecting yearly 6 mio patients in Europe and US and resulting in an annual healthcare cost of 6,5 bio $ in the US and 7 bio € in Europe. Studies allocate 22% of HAIs to surgical instrument reprocessing. Ansana aims to reduce this number by 10%.
  • Sustainability: The national healthcare carbon footprint accounts for 5% to 8% of the total footprint, depending on the development level. Only in the USA, every year 115 mio kg plastic waste is generated because of consumables in sterilization. Ansana aims to reduce the carbon footprint by 85%.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Stricter infection control and medical safety regulations, combined with a higher complexity in surgical instruments, results in very high resource requirements. Ansana aims to reduce material and labor with 50% and 10% respectively

Our Technology

Ansana is developing and marketing an innovative sterilization technology for healthcare & pharmaceutical industry, it’s technology concerns an intelligent sterilization container, measuring critical process parameters real-time and during the total reprocessing flow.

  • Sensors for critical process controls
  • Controls & connectivity for real-time data exchange and traceability
  • Robust & re-usable sterilization container

Ansana’s value proposition consists out of guaranteed sterility, full traceability during the total flow, real-time parametric release, a solution suitable for complex devices, a process significantly reducing environmental impact and customized optimal financial models.

Ansana’s technology is a platform technology that is very well suited for sterilization of re-usable and single-use medical devices, for sterilization of equipment and packaging for pharmaceutical manufacturing, and for terminal sterilization of pharmaceutical products. Ansana is in first instance targeting healthcare facilities, but will quickly expand to the medical device and pharma industry.

Company Status

  • IP: granted patents in USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, UK, and Italy
  • Development: functional prototype developed and tested, product-market fit evaluation ongoing
  • Target market launch by Q1 2025

News from Ansana

Join our Expert Council

For the preparation of a paradigm shift in sterilization we are looking for participants for our Expert Council, that want to share their opinion on the product in development.

Experts with responsibility for the CSSD department in healthcare organisations in the United States or in Germany are cordially invited to join.

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